Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Smell the roses}

I'm a little obsessed with my roses.
So I took lots of pictures of them.
They're just so prettyful.


Speaking of waking up and smelling the roses, seizing the day, and so on...
We had a great night last night.
We went out with some friends for pizza.
And then we all went ice skating. Which was super fun. For most of us.
*cough Thomas cough*
I'm kidding.
Ice-skating just isn't his thing.
{Forgive the crappy, blurry phone pictures. Forgot my camera.}

But he did stand on the ice and take a picture with me, and made his way around the rink a few times. Good sport.

And THEN we all went to...

Nom nom nom.
'Twas a good night.

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