Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow day!

Dallas has basically been shut down for the whole week, since the ice storm on Monday night and Tuesday. It was finally looking like things were getting back to normal, and then we were hit with another snow storm on Friday. But Thomas finally took a snow day [his office stayed open all week even though the rest of Dallas shut down], so I was quite happy for it to keep snowing.

We went on a snow adventure.
First, we had to dig out our car.

Getting somewhere...

Snow everywhere.

Then we went out for a drive.

They don't really have snow plows down here in Dallas since it rarely snow. So the roads stay snowy. Until it melts.

We went to Best Buy. To look at TV's and Xbox360 + Kinect.

And then we went looking for some place to eat lunch. Which was quite tricky, considering most places were closed for the snow storm. But our favorite little Italian place was still open.
I loooove their eggplant parmigian... and Thomas loves their calzones.

We came home and decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood and play in the snow, since it wasn't going to last long.

Sunset over the trampled snow.

Sure enough, two days later, pretty much all of the snow and ice has melted and we're back at 50F (10C). It was fun while it lasted.
 This Wednesday there is apparently another cold front coming in with snow, though, so we might yet see more of the white stuff this winter.

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