Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

I know some people hate Valentine's Day.
I would agree that it's been way over-commercialized, but I've still always liked it.
When we were little I remember my mom helping my brothers and I make giant heart-shaped cards for dad.
So I've always had fun memories of it.

Thomas and I don't go crazy all-out for Valentine's Day.
But I like making him cards. (You can see last year's if you click here).
And we go on a date.

This year I made him a card and a little heart-shaped coupon book.
The coupon book had coupons for things like "Sarah does dishes for the week", because I have a practical husband.
If you know me and my loathing for doing dishes, then you know that is one significant coupon.
Thomas gets to tear the coupons out and cash them in whenever he wants.

Coupon book in the making:

Thomas brought me beautiful red roses.

We went out for dinner, and I had one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted:
Steak medallions done in a balsamic dressing, with gorgonzola & arugula alfredo.
It was heavenly.

Then we had tiramisu.
My all-time favorite dessert.

Our Valentine's loot:
Red roses for me, homemade card & coupon book for Thomas.
And candy for both of us.

Our choice of candy: chocolate-covered cashew nuts, and sour cherry candies.

The cashews are sorta heart shaped, see?

And this was sort of part of Valentine's Day, since we got it this weekend... but we've been planning on getting it for a long time. 
Thomas assembled the entertainment center/TV stand yesterday, so we have our coffee table back in its usual place.

When we came home, we watched a couple episodes of a TV show on our new screen. We were planning on playing some Kinect games... but we were wayyyy too full from dinner to move that much.

It was a lovely day :)

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