Thursday, March 24, 2011

wilderness getaway {part two}

Back at the ranch...

We got there on Friday evening, so on Saturday the adventuring began.

First up: a hike to find somewhere to fish.

Thomas caught what must have been the ONLY fish in the whole pond.

We unhooked it and put it back.

All I caught was this lousy branch.

Then we went down to a little creek.
I really wanted to play in the water (yes I am still a child), because it was quite warm out.
But Thomas pointed out that I probably didn't want to walk all the way back to the cabin dripping wet.

"I'm the king of the rock!"
[Mulan, anyone? My favorite childhood Disney movie.]

Photoshoot by the water.

 On our way back to the cabin we found and dug up some wild spring onions.

Sunset over the hill behind the cabin.

So what does one do for fun in the evenings after dinner when there are no computers/internet/TV?
Play cards and share a giant bowl of chocolate pudding, of course.

There was also a "supermoon" on Saturday night. Apparently the moon was the closest to the earth that it's been in 18 years. Being out in the country gave us a nice view of it.

The next morning I made bacon and eggs for brunch. I felt like that was an appropriate ranch meal.
Especially because most of our other meals over the weekend consisted of throwing a frozen pizza in the oven... very wilderness-y of us, I know.
We were going for easy. Minimal cooking & dishes to wash.

And then Thomas killed about 20 million wasps that somehow set up nest in the little entry way overnight.

After that, we went for another walk/hike around some of the ranch property.
But sadly, we had to pack up and leave shortly thereafter to get home. Since it was Sunday.
And Thomas had to go to work on Monday.
Back to real life.

We stopped at the big ranch house before we left and took a picture of these enormous stuffed elk heads. The antlers completely encircled me when I stood behind it.
Creepy. I think it's just sad that these majestic animals that were once so full of life are now stuffed. And kind of smelly.
I think those antlers on the floor used to belong to a moose.

Where was I?
Ah, yes. We had to leave because the weekend was over and Thomas had work on Monday.
It was great to breathe the fresh country air for the weekend, and not hear sirens/cars/trains and other city noises constantly. And my allergies didn't act up too much.
Although, I will admit that sleeping was kind of difficult out there because I could hear animals outside and insect noises all night.
And we all know how I loooooove bugs.
Thomas slept right through it all, of course.
I refrained from waking him, even when I was sure there was a bat in the bathroom, and when a raccoon was about to dig a hole right through the roof and fall on top of me.
... I'm rambling again.

In all seriousness, though, it was really good to get away.
We needed it.

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