Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wilderness getaway {part one}

Thomas has some wonderful friends who let us stay in a lovely little cabin on their ranch property this past weekend.
We took off from Dallas on Friday afternoon, and after driving for miles through very rural Oklahoma on dirt roads we were suddenly on a beautiful property... a stark contrast to the unkempt trailer homes along most of the way.

The big ranch house is at the top of a hill overlooking the 8000 acre ranch.

Here's the cabin we stayed in.

There's a swimming pool at the back... covered up right now because it's still a little cold to go swimming.

Another view from the back

The front porch.

The inside of the cabin, or the "hunting lodge" as it is aptly named. It was all one big room (except for the bathroom), with a sitting area & fireplace, dining table & chairs, huge bed, and kitchen (to the right of this picture).

Most of the furnishings were rustic and wooden... really cool looking, but the kitchen was very modern and had every appliance you could possibly ever need... I wished I could transport whole thing back home with me.

The bathroom, with the awesome tree trunk sink and stonewalled shower.

The ginormous bed which my 6-ft tall husband could stretch out sideways on.

Since this is a hunting lodge cabin, there were dead (preserved) animals all over the place.
It was a little weird... I'm not really into the whole stuffed animal/fur thing.

This guy was hanging out over the fire place. He was lot bigger than he looks in this picture.

This guy was hanging out on the back of the couch. We think it was some kind of wolf.

And Thomas is gonna kill me, but this picture just has to be shared. He liked to pick the animal furs up and attack me with them, because he knew I didn't like to touch them.

This stuffed fellow was on top of the fridge

These fox skins were hanging by the fireplace

And the bedspread was made out of some kind of animal furs that had tails...
I refused to touch it, and shoved it down to the end of the bed so I wouldn't be covered by dead animal skins during the night. That's just creepy.

I will admit that this deer antler chandelier was pretty awesome though.

Looking up from underneath it.

Despite all the dead animal paraphernalia, the cabin was still beautiful and very comfortable.
This is the view from the bed in the morning.

Deer grazing  in the early morning.

There was an airstrip on the ranch.

There were rivers & creeks,

... and meadows and woods.

We did lots of exploring and adventuring,
 but I'll save that for the next post as this one is already quite long.


  1. Sarah! That looks like it was so much fun. I love how rustic it is. I'm with you on the dead animal skins, though. I do NOT like touching that stuff. Freaks me out.

  2. Wow, this place looks absolutely amazing! Lucky you!


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