Friday, November 5, 2010

the sleep-talker strikes again

Twice in one night!

As I was climbing into bed, the already-sleeping Thomas rolled over and said:

Thomas: it was 3 or 4 missiles
Sarah: oh yeah?
Thomas: they killed me dead
Sarah: uh huh...*snorting with laughter*
Thomas: why are you laughing?
Sarah: because you're funny
Thomas: well I get it from you...
Sarah: yeah?
Thomas: yeah, by reverse osmology
Sarah: *dies laughing* I think you mean reverse osmosis
Thomas: mumble mumble... *snore*

I really have no idea where that all came from. He get his funniness from me by reverse osmology? Of  course, he meant reverse osmosis... but still... ???

About ten minutes later he started off with this one, which makes me think we have been watching too many MONK episodes (a TV show about a detective):

Thomas: I didn't do it!
Sarah: you didn't?
Thomas: no
Sarah: who did do it then?
Thomas: nobody... it was a murder... somebody saaaaave meeeee (to the approximate tune of the "Smallville" theme song)
Sarah: ok I'll save you, don't worry *sniggering*
Thomas: I didn't do it!
Sarah: I know, I know

Who really needs TV when you can get all your laughs from a sleeping Thomas?

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