Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Menu Monday

Thai food has been my main squeeze for the past week. I can't get enough of it. I made this Thai vegetable-tofu stir fry with red curry sauce on Monday, and it was really good.

First, the chopping of the veggies.

Then, the saute-ing of the tofu cubes with some sliced onion & chopped garlic & ginger.
(In my fabulous new wok that was a birthday present from the hubby).

When the tofu cubes were golden brown, I threw in a can of coconut milk and some Thai red curry powder... probably 2-3 tablespoons.
After that was all mixed together, in went the vegetables that take a bit longer to cook (carrots, green beans, orange bell pepper, broccoli, the white part of the baby bok choy). A bit later, I put in the mushrooms.
When everything was cooked, I put in the chopped basil leaves and the green leafy part of the bok choy until they were gently wilted.

All ready to eat.

Served it up with some brown rice. I love brown rice, but I think Thai curries actually taste better with white jasmine rice. I just didn't have any white rice in the house.

Thomas liked it. Except for the orange bell peppers, of course. But I was happy to eat those for him.

Random postscript: These chocolate covered gummy bears made my week. At first I was like, ewww, chocolate covered gummy bears, gross. But then I tried one, and they are kind of awesome.

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