Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday week {part 2}

On our actual birthday (Tuesday) we didn't do much because Thomas was gone from 8am - 9pm at work and then at a certification class. But, the people he works with did take us out for a birthday lunch in the middle of the day, so we got to celebrate a little bit. When he finally got home we ate dinner and then had ICE CREAM CAKES!

Yep, we got two of them. We meant to only get one, but we couldn't agree on which one, of course. So we got two. Because, what the heck, it's our birthday.

Thomas got a peanut butter & chocolate one, and I got a double chocolate one. 
Mmmmm.... ice cream and chocolate.

We even did candles. Because we are still little children at heart.

Nom nom nom. Be jealous.

It was a good day, despite being apart. We got to talk with our families on Skype and on the phone. And it's not over yet... it's still birthday week!

Random postscript: I was feeling industrious today, so I made salsa and guacamole from scratch. And this is what my kitchen counter looked like.

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