Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Graduated! 05/08/10

Thomas and I are now graduates of John Brown University! What a fun few days it was... it started with my mom surprising me! I had no idea she was coming - I thought that just my dad was coming. I hadn't seen either of them since the wedding in South Africa over a year ago, so it was a very happy surprise :) My dad and Thomas's parents and grandma and aunt arrived the next morning, and the weekend was a whirlwind of reunions and good times. Two other Congdon cousins also graduated, so there were a lot of Congdons around for the first couple of days.

There are a lot of pictures, so it may take a few posts!

Just had to throw this one... Grandma Driver, Aunt Suz, and the Congdon parents arrived in their rental car... as Mustang!

Thomas about to graduate

Sarah graduating

Ben and Thomas... we did it!

Me and mommy :)

Me and daddy :)

Congdon cousins

With the Wrights!

With the Pate parents

With the Congdon parents and Grandma Driver

The whole group

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