Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family times

Get ready for a whole lotta pictures...!

Cathy's Corner the morning after graduation

Dad enjoying the American experience

Me and mommy

The wonderful Grandma Driver

Cutest couple Ben and Chelsea

Uncle Phil and Dad deep in conversation

Saying goodbye in the parking lot

Me and Bekah

Mama C, Grandma Driver, Aunt Jenny

Obligatory pictures in the Mustang... me and Thomas

Me and Daddy

Natural Falls pictures:

The Pates in America

Waiting for the others to arrive

My beautiful little mommy

Hiking through Natural Falls park



Pebble-throwing contest

So incredibly green!

Old bridge

Caught the men all doing the same thing!

The falls

The Congdon men

I love this picture, even though it's blurry :)

Congdon family

Pate family



Mama C living on the edge :)

My daddy is hilarious... never wastes a moment...
Here he is doing sit-ups while we were stopped:

And here he is doing pull ups further along the way :)

Eating dinner at La Hacienda de los Reyes 

This one just had to be included :)

And, finally, my daddy and me watching a funny movie

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