Friday, February 26, 2010

Not much to blog about...

Well... we're still alive. Just in survival mode for getting through this semester. I can't believe that in about 2 months we will be done at John Brown University! Well... sort of. It looks like I will have to finish up some online courses over the summer because of transferring and everything. But Thomas will be able to walk at graduation, at least :) I'll just put his cap and gown on and take pictures haha :)
We're super duper excited about graduation mainly because our families will be coming - yay! My dad and Thomas's parents and Grandma Driver will be here. I haven't seen either of my parents since we were in South Africa for our wedding in December 08, and we haven't seen Thomas's parents since last May at Robert's graduation from Wheaton College. Oh the joys of being missionary kids...
So right now we're just putting our heads down and pushing through to the end of the semester. We both have a lot going on. We're looking forward to Spring Break in three weeks - it looks like we'll  be going down to Texas with Thomas's cousin Ben and staying with his aunt and uncle and family :) I'm excited to see them, and I'm also excited for it to be WARM! Hopefully we'll get to go to the beach since they only live an hour or so away from the Gulf of Mexico.
Well, that's it for now... hopefully there will be some picture-worthy events in the near future so I can put some up on here!

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