Thursday, October 7, 2010

Texas State Fair

Last weekend Thomas and I went to the Texas State Fair. I don't really know how to describe it to you... other than it was HUGE. There was so much going on, and what I thought would be a 2-hour visit ended up being 7 hours... there was way too much deep fried food to limit to 2 hours!

We started out with the famous Fletcher's corny dog

Then we went to the enormous auto-show, and I got to sit in my [dream] car

The Nissan Murano. Ain't it purdy?

We watched the Marine marching band, and were surprised by a very loud cannon blast. My ears are still ringing.

And here are the obligatory bad pictures of us eating unhealthy fair food:

We watched a really cool bird show. They had huge birds soaring over the audience and landing on people's arms. Right in the middle one of the "volunteers" fell into the on-stage pond because he was surprised by a chicken running out on stage. You can sort of see everyone down on the stage scrambling to help him in the picture. It was really funny and the whole audience gasped... but then later on in the show they told us that the whole thing was staged. Not so funny. It was kind of like being given a big piece of cake and then it being taken away again before you could eat it.

I didn't take anymore pictures because my phone's battery died... but we saw also a big parade, and a fancy light show with music and fountains and dancing lights. And we ate lots more unhealthy yummy food.

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