Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The beach :)

Pictures from spring break in Texas so far! We're at the beach right now... staying in a beach house that belongs to some very kind people in Thomas's uncle's church.


They found a jelly fish

Caleb and the jelly fish

This contraption sucks shrimp out of the sand (we used them for fishing bait)

Abby with the shrimp

Thomas and Ben braving the water... it was a little too cold for me

Bekah made it in too

Fun fun fun

Ben and Chelsea... so cute :)

Bekah and I were the picture-takers

Abby and Lydia

Thomas got stuck in the sand

He was very stuck. Ben had to pull him out.

Beach towels, flip flops and sunscreen... ahhhh... summer time

My stubby little feet and a butterfly shell

It took me a looooong time to get this picture. The waves kept washing it away.

One very sandy little boy

Bekah marching Josh off to get cleaned up

I took a goofy picture of Thomas

So he took a goofy picture of me

And then we all piled into the 15-passenger van... which now looks like a sandbox... and drove back to the beach house

More pictures coming :)

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