Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First trimester recap - baby #2

With Judah, I wrote an update almost every week during my pregnancy... sorry, sweet baby... I love you just as much but I'm not going to manage that this time around!

So here's a brief recap of my first trimester:

3.5 weeks pregnant - positive test! Yay!
4-5 weeks pregnant - feeling great! Keep forgetting I'm pregnant.
6-10 weeks pregnant - tired, queasy, hungry all the time but never can figure out what I want to eat. Chasing after a toddler is exhausting! Mostly craving salty, sour, and spicy things, and fresh fruit, especially strawberries... just like with Judah.
11 weeks pregnant -  feeling better, still tired. Started feeling little baby wiggles and flutters at 11.5 weeks! I felt Judah for the first time at 14.5 weeks. Heard baby's heart beating strong at my appointment with my midwife at the birth center!
12-13 weeks pregnant - continue feeling better, baby wiggles becoming more frequent and pronounced. My favorite part of pregnancy! At 13 weeks, bump is as big as it was with Judah at 20+ weeks.... uh-oh!

It's definitely different this time around. With Judah, because he was a surprise and the first baby, everything seemed so huge and all-consuming. This time, I honestly sometimes forget I'm pregnant! And it still hasn't sunk in that we will actually be having another little baby in June. I try to spend a little while every day thinking about baby #2 and feeling him/her wiggle and wondering what it's going to be like to have another baby in the house. I looked back at pictures of Judah as a newborn and I can hardly wrap my mind around how little he was and how much he's changed in just under two years. I barely remember him as a newborn because he's so different now! I'm so glad I wrote everything down. I'll do my best to do the same this time around!

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  1. Firstly - LOVE the announcement photo!!! Biggest congrats mama! How are you feeling nowadays? Pregnancy really is different the second time around, I'm due in 2 months today and I still don't think it's sunk in that we'll have another little one so soon... Be warned, it flies by!!! :)


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