Friday, August 2, 2013

a few things I don't want to forget {17 months old}

- How you now say "tru-CAH" for "truck" because I was trying to get you to enunciate the "ck" at the end of "truck".... haha.

- How you walk around on your tippy toes, or walk backwards, just to entertain yourself. You also love to spin in circles until you are too dizzy and fall down and laugh!

- How you go pee-pee on the potty, on demand! I hold you on the potty before bath time etc and say "let's go pee-pee on the potty!" and you do it every time. And you do #2 on the potty if we are close to one at the time, too. I'm not stressing about potty training since we are travelling so much at the moment, but you will sure be ready when we get home.

- How you make funny faces all the time... your squinty-eyed, scrunchy-nosed grin... your sticky-out lips face... your frowny, pouty grumpy face... your serious, studious face.... and any number of combinations. Your little face is very expressive of how you are feeling.

- How you love anything and everything that has wheels... including wheelchairs and other babies' strollers... It seems like I'm always chasing after you to stop you from pushing some poor unsuspecting baby's stroller or a person in a wheelchair!

- How you love to sprawl out on the ground, cheek smooshed against the floor, and push your cars/trucks/trains along and watch the wheels spin.

- How you love airplanes and flying and are such a good little traveller! You get so excited about getting on the plane, taking off, saying bye-bye to the ground, seeing the clouds, and then coming down and seeing all the tiny houses and cars and saying hi to everything as we land.

- How you just love and adore your Papa... even though we've been away from him for a week now, you still talk about him everyday and get so excited when we see him on Skype. "Papa! Papa! Papa!"

- How you can be so incredibly frustrating, temper-tantrumming, melting-down-into-a-puddle-of-tears one minute (have the terrible twos arrived already?!), and then turn around and give big slobbery adoring kisses and snuggles and giggles the next minute.

- How much I love and adore your emerging little self - every little new thing you do is so wondrous to me! I can't believe how much and how quickly you are learning and growing.

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