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Sixteen months old!

06/13/2013 - Sixteen months old!

Well, it took me so long to write your fifteen month post that it morphed into a sixteen month old post... maybe I'll just do them every other month now (and hopefully get this posted before you turn seventeen months!). You are becoming such a little character - talking up a storm and doing all these adorable things just to make us laugh! You look like such a little boy now, especially with your new haircut.

Here are a few pictures that describe YOU in the past two months:

You love anything musical - you had a blast playing the piano at cousin Sarah's house!

You are a serious little fellow, always studying your surroundings.

You love birds! I love this picture of you chasing a bird that's flying away.

You are such a little water baby - you are so delighted every time you get to go swimming.

This is one of your favorite books - it has tabs to pull and wheels to turn and flaps to open.

 You love to play in your tunnel :)

You love to talk on the "phone"... it's actually one of our phone cases :)

You almost always have a car, truck, train, airplane, or bus clutched in your little hand :)

Size: You were 25lbs 14oz (67th percentile) at your 15 month check up (which happened at more like 15.5 months old), 30 and 5/8 inches long (26th percentile, shorty!), head circumference is 19.5 inches (95th percentile!). Wearing 12 and 18 month clothes, size 4.5W shoes, size 4 disposable diapers, and when we use cloth diapers you're on the biggest setting.

I'm not going to try to remember them all... just listing a few recent ones:

teddy bear

You've been trying to say longer, more complicated words recently... they still come out rather garbled but you are sure trying. Here are a few examples:

helicopter (heh-popper)
strawberry (staw-beh-bee)
blueberry (boo-beh-bee)
microwave (mah-cah-way)
computer (cah-pooper) ... haha...
elephant (sounds something like "bebe-pant")

Language/concept development: 

- Started saying your name - "doo-dah"... :)

- You are starting to say more two-word phrases.

- You new favorite words are "up" and "down", and you understand the concepts behind them. You love to put your hands in the air and say "uuuuuup" and then touch the ground and say "dowwwwwwww" (usually skipping the "n" sound at the end :) ). You ask to get up and down from things, like being carried, or your stroller, or your highchair.

- You understand the difference BIG and little ... you will describe things like "big truck" or "big ball" :)

- You like to repeat the last word or two of everything that we say to you.

- You are starting to try and count things, especially in books. You say "one, two,
two, two, two, two...." while pointing at things... haha :)

- Getting better at sorting shapes. Starting to learn colors. Green is your favorite color so far :)

- You jabber away all day long, in your own little language, with real words thrown in here and there. You will come up to me and look at me earnestly, trying to tell me something... and I can usually make out what you're saying by the "real" words mixed in with your gibberish, and your gestures. You'll say something like this "mama gobbledeegook ah-pane gobbledeegook up-up-up gobbledeegook sky", while pointing up in the sky... which means "look momma, there's an airplane up in the sky". You don't actually say "gobbledeegook", that's just my representation of your made-up words :)

- You say "I love you" back to us now! Sounds more like "ah-lub-yoo"... but it's so precious and we just love it!

- You got sick (we all did) at the end of April (14.5 months old), and you reverted back to being a little baby (nursing all the time, wanting to be held and rocked constantly)...  and for a week or so you really stopped talking. I was beginning to get a little worried, but then as soon as you felt all the way better you were jabbering away and adding new words to your vocabulary daily.

Signs: All the usual ones, plus new ones for "rain" and "trees"

Other stuff:

- You have become such an affectionate little guy lately - you come up and put your arms around us and lay your head down and say "awwwww" while patting us on the back :) You love to give us "bee huh" (big hugs) and "tiss" (kisses). You will hug and kiss your toys too. Even pictures in books, and your cars. Haha.

- Transitioning to one nap during the day - it depends on how you slept the night before, what time you woke up, if you're grumpy/teething etc... but you are slowly moving to just one longer nap after lunch. Sometimes you still need two naps... morning and late afternoon... but most of the time we just do one now! From 12 - 15 months was just an awkward period where you still needed two naps, but your afternoon nap would often mean you didn't go to bed until later, and then you wouldn't wake up until later and that would throw your daytime schedule off... etc... so I'm glad we're almost always down to one nap now!

- Recent obsessions: anything with wheels, balls, AIRPLANES and HELICOPTERS!, trucks... especially BIG trucks ("bih chuck"), birds and elephants are your favorite animals at the moment (you love to look at all the animals in our big "Animals of Africa" book, you are very good and turning the pages and being gentle!). You are ALL BOY, child.

- Eating - you are becoming a good little eater. You will try pretty much anything if you get to spear it with a fork and eat it that way. Your favorite foods are all fruits - mango, banana, blueberries, pineapple, grapes etc. You also love cheese. Oh and PIZZA. You go crazy for pizza... or "pitza-tza" as you call it. Veggies, not so much anymore! I have to disguise most of them in smoothies, which fortunately you love. You will eat sweet peas and sweet corn by themselves. You still love your pouches, so I get ones with veggies and fruit mixed together. I found some organic whole grain "toasted O's" (basically cheerios) the other week and you LOVE snacking on those. You also love Late July's organic peanut butter sandwich crackers, and their mini cheese crackers.

- Sleeping - not great, but not awful. You usually wake 1 - 2 times a night and need to be resettled, either by Papa or, if that doesn't work, I have to nurse you. We have kind of resigned ourselves to waiting until September after all the moving and travelling to get you sleeping through the night.

- Nursing - You nurse when you wake up in the morning, at nap time, usually one other time during the day, bedtime, and usually once during the night around 4am. If you're teething or sick, that all goes out the window and you nurse 24/7.

- Swimming - you are such a little water baby, just like momma :) We could spend all day in the pool, or at the splash pad. You are fearless. You run around with all the big kids at the splash pad, and you would just jump right into the pool if I wasn't holding on to you. You love your Puddle Jumper because you can swim all by yourself in it!

- Teeth - you have 4 in a row on top, and 4 in a row on the bottom (bottom right side popped through on your 14 month birthday, bottom left side almost a month later). You also have one molar on the top right just peeking through (noticed on 05/21/2013), and one molar on the bottom right just peeking through (06/10/2013). Poor baby, these molars are being hard on you, and taking FOREVER to come through :( You often get a pained expression on your face and put your hands up to your mouth and whimper. You also wake up crying in pain at night... nursing is the only thing that settles you.

- We have started "potty learning" ... we got a potty and a toilet training seat, and you just think you're such a big boy when you sit on them :) You love to carry your potty around and randomly sit on it and then clap for yourself! You have yet to do any "business" on the potty, we are just getting used to the idea for now :) Whenever I notice you about to go #2 I put you on the potty (with your diaper still on) just so you get used to it.

- You had your first haircut on 05/29/2013, at 15.5 months old. I started out intending to just cut the front of your hair, because it was getting in your eyes. I did that in the morning, and by the evening I decided to cut the rest of your hair because it looked unbalanced - long in back and short in front. I was sad about it, because it meant saying bye-bye to your precious baby curls. I kept one of them! You look so grown up now with your little boy haircut.

- You have a new found love for Sesame Street, particularly Elmo :) Whenever we say "Elmo" you start singing the Elmo's World song "do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do, eh-mo woh (Elmo's world)" and dancing. It's adorable.

- You new thing at the moment is spinning in circles... you think it's so funny! You get so dizzy, walk around like a drunken sailor, and then fall over and laugh at yourself. It's hilarious, especially because we've never showed you that - you just started doing it all by yourself one day!

- You love to "help" momma do the laundry... put things in the washer, move them to the dryer, pull them out of the dryer and put them in the basket.

- You love (and are pretty good at) drinking out of a big-boy cup (ie. no lid).

- You love buttons, locks, machines, and anything that has moving parts - you will spend hours figuring out little details.

- You are very observant - one time I had one of our Pyrex storage containers and I was looking for the lid. You like to play in the kitchen cupboards and you tend to move things around. While I was looking for it, you were playing in the cupboards and all of sudden your little voice piped up behind me. You had been looking for it too, without me even saying anything, and brought me the right size lid (there are several different sizes)!

- If you want us to do something for/with you, you will walk over and grab one of our hands, and pull us to whatever it is you want - for example, if you want a snack you will pull us to the fridge or pantry :).  If we are holding you and you want to go somewhere, or want us to look at something, you grab our faces with your little hands and turn our heads to where you want us to go/look!


These past two months have been busy busy with getting ready to move. We have also been making the most of beautiful summer weather - going swimming almost every day. Being outside is your favorite thing ever. Having a toddler in the summertime is so much fun! You make life so full and interesting every day.

We love you Judah William! We can't believe how big you are getting, but we love it at the same time. You are becoming your own little person with a big personality :)

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