Saturday, May 4, 2013

family saturdays

My mind is still trying to catch up with the idea that it is MAY. May, people. My baby is almost 15 months old.

This past week has been a rough one - we've all been sick with what we have fondly named "the plague", a lovely combination of a 24-hour stomach bug and a lingering virulent cold. At one point Thomas and I were so sick and exhausted and Judah was unsettled and screaming and wouldn't sleep... we were at the end of our ropes. We were wishing for our own mommies! Thankfully we have some sweet friends (thank you Koerners, and Anna!) who dropped off supplies and we are recovering slowly.

Thinking back to happier times... on Saturday a couple weeks ago we went on a little outing to a field nearby. Family Saturdays are my favorite kind. We get to spend all day with Dada... Judah is always so excited when he wakes up and finds that Dada is at home!

Judah is at such a fun age, and I love to capture his joy and intensity as he plays.
This $2 orange spiky ball = hours of happy playtime.

Favorite. picture. ever.

The Cheeks.

I can't ever get over your adorable little face. Looking at pictures of you almost makes me want to go pick you up from your crib and squeeze you. Almost. Wouldn't want to wake you up.

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