Sunday, February 24, 2013


I got some pictures the other night when we went on our daily walk to see the duckies.

You didn't want to stay in your stroller, you wanted to walk all by yourself.

Oh! Grass!

Just checking the grass out, trying to decide if you want to step onto it.

You did decide to step onto the grass, and we ran around there for a while.

 Then you decided it was time to move on and find the duckies...

 And you spotted them! You're off!

And chasing them back the other way!

Unfortunately, you don't pay much attention to this sign.

You would run straight into the lake with the duckies if I let you!

We go to see your beloved duckies almost every day... as soon as I mention the word, you start doing the baby sign for "duck" and you run to the door to go out. I think soon we will bring some bread to feed them and the fish and the turtles, and that will open up a whole new world for you!

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