Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Judah and the pumpkins

Mom and I took Judah to the pumpkin village at the Dallas Arboretum when she was here last month. I took the opportunity to do a photo shoot with our very own eight-and-a-half month old little pumpkin :)

Not too sure about these pumpkins...

He went exploring a bit with Nana to warm up to the whole pumpkin thing...

This hay stuff is fun!

Nana insisted that I get in the picture...

He wasn't feeling very smiley, but we got a few little ones out of him.

Baby pumpkins!

Just the right size for Judah's little hands.

He wasn't too thrilled about sitting in the Cinderella carriage with momma.

Giant pumpkin!

Clapping with Nana.

His "I'm not too sure about this" face, which he sported for much of the visit!

He did get pretty excited about the horses (made out of grass) that were "pulling" the Cinderella carriage.

Tuckered out.

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