Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pool day!

I've decided I need to try and start doing shorter more frequent posts rather than try and catch up on a zillion pictures and activities all in one post! So here are a few fun pictures from when Laura and Mary were here and we spent an afternoon by the pool.

Laura took these fun pics of Judah by the pool. Don't worry - he was only in the sun for a couple of minutes, and then he was tucked back away in his stroller in the shade :)

"What is that strange bright thing in the sky?!"

Kisses for momma

Smiles for Aunty Mary :)

Hiding from the sun.

It was a hot day, so Jude just hung out in his diaper for most of it!

The rest of Laura and Mary's visit was spent catching up on the past three years (we haven't seen each other since they were bridesmaids in my wedding... such is the life of MK friends!). We picked right back up where we left off, as we always do. Laura wrote all about it on her blog.
They are honorary aunties to Judah. He has no biological aunts - only SEVEN uncles!

Laura blissfully hanging out with Jude...

... and then she got spit-up on :)

Jude hardly got put down all week... he loved it!

 Hanging out with Aunty Mary.

Jude got lots of tickles, love, and attention and he loved every minute!

We had a wonderful time, and we both miss them very much!

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