Wednesday, September 14, 2011

16 weeks & 17 weeks

I'm behind once again...

How far along: 16 weeks (Sept. 6th) and 17 weeks (Sept. 13th)

Baby size: 16 weeks - and avocado, 17 weeks - an onion

Total weight gain/loss: And the weight gain begins... +1 lb.

Sleep: OK... still need to get one of those body pillows

Movement: Yes and getting stronger every day... I love feeling the little pokes and flips and wriggles :)

Food cravings/aversions: Hmmm... the "bad" food cravings have begun... chocolate gelato, for one. I let myself have a small bowl every other night. I've gotten back into cooking, and have made some yummy stuff recently... I need to do another food blog post over on the Congdon Chronicles!

Pregnancy symptoms: I got my headaches under control... my midwife told me to eat more protein and sure enough that was the problem. I've been have round ligament pains (ligaments stretching) and cramping every now and then - I think the cramping is Braxton Hicks contractions beginning. The cramping woke me up one morning and was quite painful so I called my midwife and she told me not to worry unless they continued for longer than an hour or two. But they went away... I just lay down and drank lots of water. Other than that, I've just been dealing with the usual pregnant sluggish digestive system*yay*... lots of fiber and nutritious food for me!

What I miss: Sushi, and the occasional glass of wine.

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out whether Baby Congdon is a boy or a girl! Soon!

Milestones: For baby - he/she has mastered the sucking, swallowing, and blinking reflexes! For me - the baby bump really started popping out over the past couple of weeks!

Best moment of this week: Well I got to have another appointment since I switched over from my OB-GYN to a birthing center with midwives... and I heard baby's heartbeat again. That's always reassuring and exciting :) I also just felt a big sense of relief about switching over... the midwives are more invested in each patient and I felt much more comfortable. (I'll probably write a whole post about why I switched over and chose natural childbirth etc.).

Pregnancy moments with the hubby: I called to set up our birthing classes (Bradley method), which start on October 29th... we meet as a couple with a small group and instructor for ten Saturdays, two hours each time. I told Thomas and he was in shock... "Why on earth do we need THAT much time?!"... I replied by saying "You're not the one who has to figure out how to get this baby out of me, and manage the pain without drugs! I'll take all the time and help I can get!"

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