Thursday, May 19, 2011

{see how my garden grows}

It's been just over six weeks since I planted my little patio garden.

It's been busy growing.
The seedlings when I first planted them.

Four weeks later, with the bell pepper plant moved to the front, a new spaghetti squash plant in the middle, and stakes added to support the tomato plant.

This past weekend (six weeks after planting everything), I had to build a trellis for the cucumber plants to climb up, because they had grown so much they were hanging off the edge of the city pickers patio planter. I used bamboo stakes.

[First two sides built]
What it looks like today, six weeks after planting.

My jalapeno plants are flowering.

As are my cucumber plants.

The chives, onions, cilantro, and green beans that I started from seeds in these little containers...

... grew fast...

... and are now flourishing in bigger pots.

[spring onions, cilantro, chives]

[green beans]

The herb seedlings that I planted are growing and producing nicely.

[thyme, thai basil, sweet basil]

[rosemary, tarragon, oregano]

This is the whole patio garden after three weeks, having just transplanted the little seedlings into bigger pots.
And here everything is today, after six weeks.
After just over a month, I watered everything with some plant food. The potting mix that I bought claims to feed plants for up to three months, but I thought I'd get a head start. I plan to feed them about once a week.
I also bought some organic pesticide/fungicide, because I've had some trouble with aphids and brown leaf spot. It seems to be taking care of everything.

I should have my first harvest of green beans soon, and there are little tiny jalapeno peppers and cucumbers growing. I'm hoping to see some tomatoes soon.

Keep growing, little plants!

{And yes, my life really is that boring that I write entire posts about my patio garden}



  1. Plants aren't boring! I would love to have a garden.

    Hope your plants keep on growing :)

  2. Gorgeous! You are going to have the most delicious meals, I envy all your fresh herbs!


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